EllieFun Box & the 3 Period Lesson

Thank you for sticking around!  With each email or blog post, it's our aim to create content that's helpful for you to teach your child.  If you've been following our earlier posts, we spoke a bit about

You probably already feel that it's a gargantuan task to teach your child but our point of writing all that isn't to scare you off!  It's just to highlight that if you want it done properly, that's how the early childhood educators do it (hence, we are paying them money to teach our kids right?  Give them a word of encouragement!  They do work very hard!)  If you can't do such intensive planning all the time, that's okay too, the chapalang, anyhow-way has value too.  Our personal belief is that doing something - anything at all - with your child is better than nothing at all.  Don't let perfection be the enemy of the good!

What's in each EllieFun box?

For those who still desire to teach your child comprehensively and effectively but have no time to research, plan and gather materials, good news!  The EllieFun subscription box is here to give you everything you need to teach your child!  Based on the Montessori curriculum as a guide,  the boxes will help you teach and guide your child into mastering the literacy and numeracy skills needed to transit to primary school. As a teaching or revision tool, help your child fill in the gaps he/she may have through hands-on and engaging activities. In exploring monthly themes, they learn science, culture, history and geography in a meaningful way. Because you, the parent, are empowered as your child's teacher, go as slow as your child requires or accelerate his/her learning, according to your child's interest and ability!  

 Each month, you will receive a book related to the theme and 4-5 packets of materials for a subject area 

  1. Literacy (English) - we focus on phonics and eventually how to teach your child to spell and read. 
  2. Literacy (Mandarin) - we explore how words relate to their pictorial meanings. Children (and parent) will know that there is nothing scary about Chinese. In fact, just like English, the more it is spoken, heard, read and written, the easier it will get. 
  3. Numeracy - children will learn numbers, how to count, understand operations shapes, geometry and relationships. 
  4. Craft - children will practice their fine motor skills and fine-tune hand-eye coordination as parent and child work on age-appropriate art and craft 
  5. Everything else - depending on the theme, a science, history or geography activity will be included that brings to life what they have read in the book! 
  6. Online resources - to stretch your child's learning, additional materials are available for download. Ready help and tips will be provided in the subscribers-only Facebook Group.  

All these for $44.90 per month!  We are giving a special launch price so look out for that in the next email. 


The 3 Period Lesson 

Enough about EllieFun box.  We wanted to show you a teaching technique that is often used in Montessori. This technique called the 3 Period Lesson (3PL) will be used often when you purchase the box, but even if you don't, no problem! Hopefully it's something useful you can do with your child! All you require are physical objects, models or picture cards of the subject you want to teach.

3 parts to this lesson: 

1st Period - This is... name the object or concept (no lengthy explanation needed at this point) 

2nd Period - Can you point... ask the child to demonstrate if he/she understood your lesson by pointing to the correct object or picture 

3rd Period - Tell me... test if the child can verbalize what you have just taught him. 

I'm going to show you how I teach Zach, 3.5 years some phonics sounds <-- I'm a bit self-conscious!  It's our first video!  

Looks simple yeah? Feel free to shoot us questions if there are parts you don't understand on how to use the 3PL!

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