Box 5 - My Body and Senses

Box 5 - My Body and Senses

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Your child will love role-playing as a doctor as he examines you, siblings and his favourite toys? Discover all about our body and our senses through this interactive box!

  • Phonics - learn letter sounds through exploring some tools a doctor uses. Psst. The stethoscope REALLY works! 
  • Mandarin - discover your 5 senses as you let your child see, feel, touch, smell and taste!
  • Math - be a crocodile dentist! Play a simple game as you and your child take turns to depress the crocodile's teeth.  Don't be the one who gets bitten!
  • Craft - Revise the names of your facial features with a felt board. 
  • Science - learn about the importance of washing your hands to rid them of germs and do a bread and mould experiment! 

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