EllieFun Tribe membership is now OPEN! It will close again on 23 January.

EllieFun Box


The doors to EllieFun Box Subscription is now closed. Join the waitlist here!

EllieFun Box is for busy parents to help you teach your preschool kids at home!  With full instructions, ready-to-use materials, we take the stress and overwhelm out of research, planning and lesson preparation. 
In every EllieFun Box, you can look forward to doing 6-8 different activities with all materials and instructions packed and ready to go. The activities span across these subjects:  
  • Phonics
  • Mandarin
  • Math
  • Science and 
  • Art and Craft

Curated around a theme, these activities are contextual, relevant and highly engaging, ensuring your child learns and remembers in a fun and playful manner!  

The boxes are sequential, with the later boxes building upon the learning accomplished previously. They are Montessori-inspired which means the content is backed by a solid and comprehensive curriculum, making sure your child practises and masters all the essential preschool skills and knowledge. 

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