EllieFun Tribe

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If you want to nurture a highly motivated child who knows what he/she's passionate about and goes all in into his/her areas of interest and brilliance, this programme is for you!

In the workshops , we've discussed that the child-centric approach is the way to help your child discover and develop his/her sparks and interests.

Sounds good. But HOW do you make it happen in a light and easy way?  

It's not about doing more things, but doing MORE of the things that are important. 

Take the analogy of the jar, big rocks, pebbles and sand. To put everything in the jar, we have to first take care of the big rocks, then the pebbles and lastly, the sand. 

  • The big rocks are the quality of the parent-child relationship.
  • The pebbles are head knowledge and understanding the rationale. Knowing 'WHY' you're doing what you're doing gives you clarity and direction. It helps you to adhere to the big principle while modifying the activities to fit the needs of your child. 
  • The sand represents the learning activities. Researching and preparing for all these fanciful learning activities can sap us of our time and energy and we can easily be overwhelmed. 

Moms have the biggest mental load anyone can have. I’m not going to overwhelm you even more. 

This is what you will get in the EllieFun Tribe: 

  • Strategy and Coaching - Self - Parent-child relationship - Learning direction (child-specific)  
  • Bite-size Trainings - 2 video trainings per month 1 on parenting 1 on Montessori teaching - Mini assignments 
  • Lesson Ideas and Printables - Monthly pdf of lesson ideas (Language, Mandarin, Math, Science, Art & Craft) - Printables  
  • Accountability and Support - Fortnightly coaching calls - Community  

Let's work together to create this AMAZING prepared environment for your child!

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