Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  Which age range is the box for?  

The boxes are currently curated for a child who is from 2 years old to 4 years old.  We want to support the child's learning at home right from a school-going age (Nursery 1) so that parents can be involved right from the start.


Q2. What is in each box?

You and your child will be exploring a theme for that month and there will be chances for you both to communicate in English and Mandarin.  There will also be Math and craft. Where applicable to the theme, science, geography, history, practical life skills and sensory play materials will also be included. Each box comes with a book too!


Q3. How much time do I need to do the activities?

A 2-4 year old child's attention span is short so we do not expect to spend more than 3 minutes teaching.  You may sometimes find your child being so interested in an activity that he can spend 10-20 minutes on his own just practising and practising! On average, we plan for 2-3 times a week, 10-15 minutes each session.   


Q4. Can I just buy 1 box?

You certainly can! Get our trial box at an introductory price of $44.90 to see if you and your child like it. However, we plan our boxes following a curriculum and they build on what has been previously taught. We believe children learn best through various fun and interactive activities, constantly reinforcing and revising the concepts and skills. You should see your child steadily learning through the months as he/she gets used to the idea and routine of you teaching! 


Q5. What does it mean when I agree to subscribe or prepay a 3 or 6 month subscription?

When you select

  • Subscribe and save 5%, it means that you agree to let EllieFun charge your credit card every month until you cancel the subscription. 
  • Prepay for your subscription and save 15% (or 20%) means that you agree to let EllieFun charge your credit card every 3 (or 6) months until you cancel the subscription. 


Q6. How do I change address and credit card information?

At the top of the page, you can click on "Manage my subscription".  Here, you will need to login with your email and password.  Click on "manage subscription". Click on the "manage" drop down bar and you can update your address and credit card information.  


Q7. I'm going on holiday, can I pause my subscription?

Yes, you can do this by logging into the "Manage my subscription" page.  If you click on your order, you can choose the month you wish to "skip your order".  Your subscription will resume the following month.  Please note that your credit card billing schedule remains unaffected.  


Q8.  How do I cancel my subscription?

Be sure to email us to cancel your subscription before the 15th of the month to stop us from billing you for the next cycle!