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Box 14 Dinosaurs Roar!

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If your child is obsessed with dinosaurs, they will love this box! There's so much to learn and discover - digging for fossils like a paleontologist, learn the continents they came from and figure out how huge these majestic creatures really are!  Make a playscape for these dinosaur friends and let your child unleash his/her creativity!  All the play activities have a learning focus (that's how we build our EllieFun Boxes) so you know exactly what your child is learning as he/she plays, all the while having fun!  There's a checklist at the end too!  Who says teaching your child has to be tedious or heavy?   

🐾 Practise blending and reading Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) words which has 'a' as the middle vowel.  Bonus points if you can link up all the words to tell a story of a paleontologist's day!  Dig and uncover the fossils of a dinosaur.  Use adjectives (descriptive words) to describe parts of the dinosaur you uncovered!

🐾 Learn the names of the continents in Chinese.  Read the information cards (in Chinese) and match the dinosaur cards to the continents where they were found. 

🐾 Practise number bonds up to 10 (Primary 1 work!) using the Dino cards and the worksheet provided.  So many ways to use the cards!  You can do a memory game, addition / subtraction activity, or just read the facts to know more about the dinosaurs!

🐾 For science, you may want to read up a bit on the kinds of habitats the dinosaurs lived in - they are different depending on the era!  It's great fun to google together and show how to search for information.  Then have a go at creating your Dino playscape using materials gathered from your nature walks and those items we provided in the box!  Let your child unleash his imagination and act out his/her stories in the head!  This is one of the activities that's a sure fave and you can relax at the side with a coffee - or join in the play (if invited) 😉

🐾 In this box, we've included one of the Dinosaur books from Japanese author and illustrator, 宫西达也.  It's a refreshing change from the kidlit we are used to from Europe and America. Each story centers around a ferocious T Rex and how he tries to find friendship and love. It's at times funny but also poignant. We love them!