Box 7 Transport and Vehicles

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This is an especially exciting theme for the boys (and hopefully some girls too)!  It comes with some small toy cars, which is always great fun, and of course, true to the EllieFun spirit, we had to include some learning outcomes for your child to learn while playing! 

Phonics - Learn letter sounds while tracing with their toy cars

Math - Work that spatial ability to figure out which shapes and the right sizes to complete the puzzle!

Chinese - Learn the names of various modes of transport and the concept of fast and slow 

Science - Magnets!! Wow your child with a "magic" trick!  Make the toy cars move without you touching them! Your child will learn polarity and that like poles repel; unlike poles attract

Art - makes some real cool abstract art with their toy cars!  The result should be frame-worthy!  For a month or so :P

*Please note that the excavator and train are not included in the box. The small cars are! We've also swapped out the creative geometry toy with shape cards as we felt the former was a little too simple.  But let us know if you want us to bring that in for your Transport Box!*