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Box 8 Art Box

Box 8 Art Box

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This month for the Art Box, you will receive materials for your child to learn:

  • Book - <<我的情绪小怪兽>> a translated book from Anna Llenas about the various emotions one might have and how to understand and separate them
  • Phonics - final 2 letter sounds on Q and U; learn about emotions
  • Mandarin - paint a sunflower (just like Vincent Van Gogh) and learn to read words on colours on our paint-by-words template
  • Numeracy - practise subitizing; learn mathematical signs > < = with our oh-so-cute crocodile mouths!
  • Science - What’s in black and brown colour? Do a simple chromatography demonstration
  • Art and sensory play - create a sculpture clay, slime and materials gathered from nature after going on a nature walk
  • Online resources - to stretch your child's learning, additional materials will be made available for download toward the end of the month. Ready help and tips, e.g. audio recording of the book and a Hanyu Pinyin document will be provided in the subscribers-only Facebook Group.