Montessori Phonics Online Course

Montessori Phonics Online Course

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 So this is the course that gets you everything you need to know about phonics so that you can support your child in his/her reading journey.  Basically, I want to teach you EVERYTHING so that you can be:

  • confident in your ability to teach your child from scratch (if necessary) 
  • astute to assess whether your child's school is doing a decent job
  • assured that you know where and how to plug the gaps
  • knowledgeable on how to choose appropriate readers for your child
  • able to approach learning to read in a light, stress-less way
  • eager to bond with your child through reading

Reading together with your child on your lap promotes such physical, mental and emotional closeness and I would hate to see reading become a battleground between you and your child.  
You will go through: 
Lesson 1: Understanding the Montessori Phonics System
Lesson 2: How to teach phonics the Montessori way (plus how to spice things up to keep your child interested)!
Lesson 3: For the babies, pre-reading activities that you have to do
Lesson 4: Teaching Grammar 
This course is a 4-session course and it is completely online!  You will have 4 more weeks of hand-holding and help after the last lesson in a support group and I will be available to answer any questions regarding the teaching of reading to your child.